9 Feb 2015 There are a lot of interesting facts about bull elk that hunters may have a bull elk can lose up to 20 percent of his body weight during this time.


But best of all, you sometimes get to be the hunted because bull elk can respond For elk, I recommend a finished arrow weight of 420 grains as a minimum for 

Have you ever wondered how much a quartered bull elk weighs?How many of your buddies have said, "man, that back quarter weighed at least 85 pounds!" And you' Most raghorn bulls came in at around 425-500 lbs like that. Heaviest bulls at about 550 lbs. We weighed about 40-50 elk a season. I personally think talk of 1,000 Lb elk is a little assanine. These elk were all taken and weighed in western Co., and I am sure there are bigger elk in the western states, but that is what they weigh in that country. biggest was a 3x3. he weighed an estimated 850 lbs.

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679 kr 611 kr · I lager X-small Light weight care 1,5 kg. 169 kr 152 kr. Mature cows should weigh 300 to 500 pounds, and bulls, 400 to 600 pounds. interest in the cows, eventually joining up with other bull elk in bachelor herds. 7.

Most raghorn bulls came in at around 425-500 lbs like that. Heaviest bulls at about 550 lbs.

will ever see. Enjoy the Photos of some of Silvertines "BIGGEST" Bull Elk. The Bull weighed 1480lbs, the antlers must have weighed 70-80lbs alone! Picture.

Even after the rut, the activity still continues for a few weeks. It is at this knowledge that bulls escape from their usual breeding grounds and extend their lifespan.

Bull elk weight

2009-04-13 · This is the largest SCI record-book tule elk taken by a handgun hunter. The tule elk is the smallest wapiti found in North America, occurring only in California. Taken by Jim Tonkin, this 9×8 bull measures 341 1/8 inches, and came from near Santa Margarita. Elk-Stroupe Duane Stroupe's 339 1/8-inch bull ranks number nine for tule elk in SCI.

While the bull itself may not be controversial, plenty of hunters had their opinion on the way in which the bull was killed.

Bull elk weight

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Bull elk weight

Item Dimensions L x W x H, 11.2 x 7.4 x 3.3 centimeter. Item Weight, 186 Gram. Brand, Leica I ranged one bull elk at 1077 yards.

Roosevelt bull antlers can weigh 18 kg (40 lb).
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No: Brand: : Rolson , Item Weight: : 1.12 Kg: UPC: : 711181674866 the responsibility of buyer, and also a personalized touch of a Bull Elk silhouette, 

The bull must have at least five points on each antler to make the book and six points will greatly increase your odds. 3.

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KC drew a once-in-a-lifetime tag in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico and the action on opening day of the hunt did not disappoint! We had two bulls of a li

I can't remember the weight from the ones at the butcher shop when I worked ther but want to say hanging carcases were around 400lbs.